Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boat #10 - Sea Turtle IV

Name(s): Jordan and Judy
Boat Name: Sea Turtle IV
Home Port: Victoria BC (Canada)
Date of Acceptance: Mid-June 2014
Place of Acceptance: Phuket Island (Thailand)

I was so excited to see Jordan and Judy again after almost 5 years and be back on board Sea Turtle with them, the ones who started me on this amazing journey.

I was so proud to show them my experiences and how my pages were no longer bare like they were when they found me so sad and lonely in the bookstore.

I also was curious about their adventures since they passed me off so long ago. I learned that they have travelled 30,000 intrepid nautical miles with Sea Turtle visiting many exotic ports, some the same as me. It was fascinating to hear how intriguing they found Easter Island where giant stone heads carved by ancients stand frozen in a silent gaze and how anthropologists try to extract the reasons why from these mute statues. Maybe that's where the term stone-faced comes from!

From there, they went back to the remote islands of south Chile where they took Sea Turtle right up to the ominous face of a glacier as it spilled into the lagoon and how they touched Sea Turtle's nose up against a huge iceberg where they sipped Pisco Sours with 1,000-year-old ice cubes.

Exchanging our stories, we learned I was always ahead of them and on much the same route as them from Galapagos to here in Thailand.

They told me how my trail went cold and they feared I was lost. They were desperately searching and putting out the word to the sailing community to find me so they could continue recording my journey on my blog for many to follow. Then by some coincidence, I was found and we were reunited for this short but precious time.

Jordan and Judy will be staying in and around this area for about a year before jumping across to South Africa so it is time we parted and I get passed off and continue my Great Big Journey. But I am sure we will meet again!

Jordan and Judy, passing Pea Green  off to Jeannie and Bruce

Don't forget, you can follow Jordan and Judy and their continuing adventures as they circumnavigate the world at (or click on their link in the right-hand column of my blog).

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Peter Green said...

Glad to hear Pea Green Book has re-surfaced and she can continue her travels - she is getting a lot of miles under her covers.
best wishes
Pete & Wendy